Thursday, February 11, 2010


- President Barack Obama today took credit for the two back-to-back blizzards that crippled the Eastern United States over the past week, closing schools, government offices and even the U.S. Congress.

Said Obama, "When I first proposed my economic stimulus program, I promised there would be lots of shovel-ready projects. One only need look outside their window today to see that my administration has delivered on that promise. So if your shovel isn't already ready, you'd better get it ready and get out there!"

In a semi-related story, Democratic and Republican members of the Senate, which failed to convene today due to the harsh winter weather, held a snowball fight on the Capitol steps. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who headed up the Democratic team, was overheard complaining that the teams weren't fairly balanced.

Said Reid, according to an observer, "Hey, there's 41 of them, and only 59 of us. We're outnumbered!"

Meanwhile, Congress-watchers noted that, despite being out of session, the Congress accomplished as much as they do when they are.

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Herb Garber said...

I see I wasn't the only person to notice the list of accomplishments by Congress during the recent snowstorms.