Sunday, May 02, 2010


New York
- A car bomber may have come close to causing mass destruction on a crowded New York street Saturday night, but NYPD sources say they are confident they have a close enough description of the perpetrator to locate and arrest him.

Said a high police official, "After interviewing numerous eyewitnesses and watching hours of surveillance tapes from every possible camera angle and vantage point, we can now say with authority that the car's driver was a dark-skinned male of apparently Eastern or Middle Eastern descent, between the ages of 20 and 45 and under six feet in height."

After a reporter pointed out that this could describe virtually 99% of all cab drivers, street vendors and hotel custodial staff in the city, the police official paused for a moment, appeared to be thinking, and then retorted, "That's what the terrorists want you to think!"

At last report, the search was still ongoing. Meanwhile, terrorism experts say that the man will likely have a hard time getting hired for his next "suicide bomber" job, based on his current 0-and-1 record.

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Wharfrat said...

Looking for something funny to read, and up pops an old hemorrhoid of a friend, Barry Rabin.

You appear to have survived your days as a sewer worker in Smyrna.

Hope you are well.

Brian Mullins