Thursday, January 20, 2005


New York
– In a surprising turn of events, brash entrepreneur and star of his own reality show Donald Trump was fired from the “company” featured on his popular T.V. show “The Apprentice.”

The show, which has gained surprising popularity among America’s white-collar workers, takes two groups of young, hard-charging employees and has them compete against each other to see whose “company” can perform the best.

The highlight of each week’s episode is when Trump personally fires someone from the underperforming company after dressing them down for their alleged incompetence.

In last night’s show, however, all of the contestants got together and pink-slipped Trump, even going so far as to having building security escort him out the front door.

When asked why the sudden turn of events, one contestant explained, ”Hey, the guy’s obviously a sucky manager if he can’t keep any employees. Not to mention the hair!”

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